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Salary survey company

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We are a recruitment company specializing in recruitment of managers and employees in the fields of Finance, Accounting & Hospitality.
With many years of experience and a professional and skilled team, we offer a wide range of recruitment services, including:

  1. Managers Recruitment
    We excel in locating and recruiting senior managers and assistant managers in the fields of finance, tourism and hotels.

  2. Employee Recruitment 
    We specialize in locating and recruiting professional employees in the fields of finance and tourism such as - accountants, economists, financial analysts, travel agents, tour operators, event managers and more.

  3. Headhunting 
    We contact and recruit special talent candidates suitable for specific positions, that did not apply themselves, using advanced recruitment methods.

  4. Recruitment process management
    In this track we manage the entire recruitment process for the employer. Starting with understanding the employer needs, crafting a detailed Job Description, publishing job ads, locating and filtering candidates, background checks, conducting the interviews and providing the employer a professional support in the process of selection and participate in an interview day with the employer and the final candidates.
    We will also assist in negotiation with the final candidate. 

We offer 'tailor made' staffing services for VIP clients.

With many years of experience and a professional team, we offer a wide range of VIP personnel services, including:

Locating and recruiting property managers, personal assistants, professional and skilled workers for private households, private office, yachts, private jets. Professionals for property & estate maintenance, luxury villas and more.

The service is modular and adapted to the needs of each customer.
The candidates are selected according to unique criteria for these services such as high personal level, discretion, employment stability, command of foreign languages and more.

Contact us for a personalized offer:
Micol Glam - Operation Manager 3396737643

Do you know of what a fair wage is for your employees?
Are you sure you offer competitive salary packages that will attract and retain the best employees?

A professional salary survey will provide the answers you need.

A salary survey will provide you with:

  • Current Snapshot: Reliable statistics on market salary levels for similar positions, taking into account factors such as business sector, experience, education, skills, geographic region and more.

  • Comparison: an in-depth analysis of your salary levels compared to your competitors, which allows you to identify gaps and correct them.

  • Competitive advantage: recruitment and retention of quality employees by offering attractive and competitive salary packages.

  • Informed decision-making: efficient management of the personnel budget, while ensuring fair wages for employees and competitiveness in the market.

Why should you choose us?

  • Extensive experience: we specialize in conducting salary surveys for organizations of all sizes in the finance, tourism and hotel industries.

  • Real Data Insights: Based on recent candidate placements through our service (respecting the candidates & employers privacy).

  • Experts team: Our team includes skilled recruiters and HR experts with a deep experience in our fields.

  • Discretion: We guarantee strict confidentiality of your information.

A professional salary survey is a powerful tool that can help you improve your organization's competitiveness, recruit and retain quality employees and promote its business success.

Contact us for a personalized offer:
Micol Glam - Operation Manager 3396737643

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